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Coming February 1, 2006 from Kensington Publishing Corporation...

I Love You to Death

Romantic Times Book Club says:
I Love You to Death is an intimate peek into the lives of three loosely linked people who find love and romance under the most unusual circumstances. Garvey masters the delightfully surprising twist and the art of sexual tension touched with humor in all the right places.
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Available now:

Murder in the Hamptons

[from AmyGarvey.com]

There’s an exception to every rule...

Maggie Harding has a few rules for living. Order, control, and carefully checked-off to-do lists equal a safe life. Safe is good. What’s not good is, oh, hmmm, maybe having a wild, passionate, naked pizza-eating weekend fling with Tyler Brody, the kind of guy who leaves a girl shaken and stirred, deep down. Bad. Bad, bad, bad. What to do? Run away. Constraint is better than chaos. Right?

So what’s that same girl to do when she runs into the guy five years later at a big Hamptons bash, and he’s staring at her with that naughty, right-here-right-now grin, while she’s trying not to make an idiot of herself in front of lots of rich people and "It" list Hollywood stars? Make another run for it. Except that she can’t. Because somebody’s dead on the lawn and "house party" has just become "house arrest." The only way out of this insanity is for Maggie to find the murderer herself, even if the biggest mystery is why she ever believed that saying good-bye to Tyler was the right thing to do...
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"Single White Dead Guy"
from the anthology,
Wicked Women Whodunit

[from AmyGarvey.com]

"Single White Dead Guy" is my contribution to this fun anthology-which kicks up the romance with a "wicked" dose of mystery. And my coauthors are the talented MaryJanice Davidson, Jennifer Apodaca, and Nancy J. Cohen!

Lanie Burke's luck has gone from awful to downright...well, whatever comes after awful. She spent one insanely hot night with a sexy, blue-eyed hunk, and now he's dead on the steps of her rental cabin. Talk about commitment phobia. Great. Now, not only does she have to play Nancy Drew in the freezing cold, she's got to figure out what to do with a dead body. Hopefully, she can get some help from the guy with groceries tromping through the snow toward her...the blue-eyed cutie with the broad shoulders who looks strangely familiar...

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